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Help Keep the Braves Alive! 5 Simple Ways You Can
Help Give the Braves Their Rightful Place in NBA History
2. Get More Braves Elected to Buffalo
Sports Hall of Fam
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Can you believe the only Braves inducted into the Greater
Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame are Randy Smith and Bob McAdoo?  
The contributions of other Braves heroes like Dr. Jack Ramsay,
Ernie D and the original Brave, Bob Kauffman should be
slam-dunks for induction. In fact, the whole franchise should be
inducted as a tribute to one of the most heralded national sports
teams ever to grace the glorious shore of Lake Erie.  Take a
look at this list of current members of the Hall to see if you
agree that we should have a few more of our boys in this house.
 I'm not gonna put anyone down, but let's be real.  There are
some members that are clearly not as substantial contributors
to Buffalo sports history as the Braves are.

If you are as convinced as I am, send an email in support of the
team, its players and coaches to a few of the Board of Directors,
Their addresses can be found at this link.

Also,if you know of any other ways to lobby this group to make
our case, please let me know.
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How can we best keep alive the Braves' legacy?:
1. Raise McAdoo's Jersey   For all the
achievements of the team and the dramatic moments they
brought to the city of Buffalo, there is still not a suitable reminder
of the Braves permanently on display in Buffalo.  Please join and the Buffalo News in calling for the jersey
of Bob McAdoo, to be raised to the roof of the HSBC Arena.  
Here is the Buffalo News editorial from July 14, 2000, on the
occasion of Mac being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

AN OVERDUE HONOR: Although Buffalo's NBA franchise is
long gone, Buffalo sports fans still ought to push for the ultimate
local tribute to a former star who honored this city last year by
joining the NBA Hall of Fame in the colors of the Buffalo Braves.
Why can't the city, Buffalo Sabres or the Greater Buffalo Sports
Hall of Fame hoist a banner with Bob McAdoo's name and
number to the rafters of the HSBC Arena, successor to the Aud
where McAdoo played in his glory years? McAdoo, now an
assistant coach with the Miami Heat, deserves the tribute. He
was a five-time NBA All Star, MVP of the 1974 All-Star Game as
a Buffalo Brave, led the NBA in scoring for three seasons and
was the entire league's MVP in 1975. As short-lived and
brutally-ended as the Braves franchise was, through no fault of
this city or its basketball fans, McAdoo should be remembered
as a local sports hero. The banner idea was advanced late last
year by local fans Andrew Kulyk and Peter Farrell, who are
currently 91 games into a crusade to attend a home game of all
121 NBA, NHL, NFL and Major League Baseball franchises in
49 cities. But a petition with hundreds of signatures was lost
when a host Web site vanished, and the idea has languished. It
deserves new life.

3. Braves Retro Jersey Game at HSBC Arena
Urge the Toronto Raptors to schedule a preseason game with the Los Angeles Clippers at HSBC.  The Clippers own the
rights to the Buffalo Braves name and retro jerseys, and should wear one of their jersey styles in the game.  Before the
game the team can be recognized for their achievements and a permanent reminder of the team (see #1) can be
installed at HSBC.

4. Uncover and Publicize What Really Happened When the Braves Moved.
Are the old Braves really the new Celtics?
When the Braves left Buffalo, there was a franchise swap between the team's owners (John Y. Brown and Harry
Mangurian ) and the owner of the Boston Celtics ( Irv Levin). The NBA wants us to believe that the Braves became the  
Clippers and moved to San Diego.  However, there are also reports that the Braves actually legally became the Celtics
and Celtics legally turned into the Clippers. In fact, Braves GM Bob MacKinnon was quoted as  saying "The old Braves the
new Celtics and the new Clippers are the old Celtics. When I joined the Celtics withJohn Y Brown, I didn't have to fill out a
W-4 form, but Red Auerbach did."  We at understand that it would be difficult, to say the least, to rewrite
history but the loyal Braves fans worldwide deserve to know if the legal legacy of their team was actually the Celtics (who
have won 3 world championships since "they left Buffalo") or the lowly Clippers, who were selected by Sports Illustrated
as the worst run franchise in American sports history.   What's keeping the true story from being told? Perhaps because
the lead attorney on the deal was a promising young legal mind in the league office by the name of David Stern. Six years
later Stern would become the most powerful commissioner in all of professional sports. His vision of international
expansion of the league led to a team being place in Toronto, essentially killing any chance of NBA basketball returning to

5.  Support Buffalo
As a volunteer site, we (I should say "I" since it's a one-man show) don't have the time or resources to promote or spruce
up the site.  So I rely on the loyal devotion of Braves fans worldwide to help out in keeping the site going and active.  
Here's how you can do your part:
Put a link to on your website. This is critical as it will help in our goal of being the first       
entry in google searches for Buffalo Braves.
     - Email a link to our site to all your buddies
     - Donate collectibles or photographs (we hope to also add audio and video) to include on the site
     - Participate - sign the guestbook and message boards, share your Braves memories, buy and sell Braves
merchandise, vote in our polls and send us ideas for quizzes and the site in general.
     - Suggest ways you can volunteer to help us build traffic, increase functionality or generate publicity for the site for zero
     - Give us contact information for anyone you know who was associated with the team. We'd love to invite them to
participate in interviews to document the history of the Braves and thank them for their contribution to our lives.
     -Name your pets, children, boats and tractors after our website
One of the purposes of this site is to keep alive
the memory of the Buffalo Braves.  Below are
some ideas that have been proposed to help
keep the memories alive and give the historic
franchise its rightful place in NBA History.  Please
feel free to share with us your ideas to keep the
memories alive.